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Culture is the driver behind the creation of Elevadas. As professionals, our team has worked in both large and small organizations, achieved success and delivered great results for clients. The reality however is that the word "culture" can be nothing more than a corporate objective and corporate lingo in many organizations. We believe that culture is the foundation of Elevadas and a critical part of our value proposition. As meeting and event professionals we believe that culture needs to be the single most important priority and reason for being. We created Elevadas to be the home of a diverse employees base that values the health and well being of our employees and clients first. A company that is less focused on politics and messaging, and maniacally focused on results and truth. Truth in business is about integrity, honesty and the desire to become better professionals and people every day. We work to live and we work to help others. Our organization will contribute to a number of causes that are important to us and our clients. We do all of these things for us, and no one else. We believe in what we do. 

Events in 2020 have further highlighted the need for meeting & event professionals to build careers based on their individual value and personal brand vs. relying on a large organization for employment and career development. The difficult reality that many professionals have come to recognize, is that they need to be owners of their own destiny and drivers of their own career vs passengers relying on others for employment. Elevadas is an organization designed to be the long term home of professionals seeking the flexibility to work from home and the ability to belong and be part of a community of professionals making an impact. 

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