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Meetings & Events is a growing and maturing category. While many organizations believe it to be a strategic category that is worthy of investment to drive revenue growth and employee engagement, there are still significant awareness and education barriers within most companies. A consultative and advisory approach is a fundamental component to a successful meeting & event strategy. 

Each of our team members is a consultant advising our clients in a strategic and purposeful way. Within our team we also have a group of industry thought leaders who are subject matter experts in program design, program optimization, preferred hotel programs, destination promotion, adoption support and sustainability assessments. Consulting services can be stand alone or can be integrated as part of broader engagements. We work with you in the way you want to work with us.

Supply Chain Strategy, Negotiations, Consolidation and Optimization

Supply Chain Diversity

Payment Platforms

Global Compliance and Security

Risk Management and Duty of Care

Governance and Policy


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