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We are a certified diverse and minority owned supplier in the US & Canada. Diversity is part of our DNA, and is at the core of what we do and who we are. We are an end to end live events company providing strategic advisory services, events, meetings and group travel services to our corporate customers. Our events reflect our passion and commitment to create custom, curated and meaningful experiences. For us, diversity is well beyond a corporate objective or a target. Diversity is a culture and mindset that we bring to how we think, build strategies, design and execute successful events. The resulting exclusive and proprietary experiences create competitive advantage for our clients.


Our services range from ad-hoc services for one-off projects, to comprehensive, long-term strategic engagements. We believe that successful events require differentiation and unique experiences fueled by deep expertise and a non wavering focus on creativity. As a result, we believe that no two clients are the same and every program requires a unique design, configuration and ongoing optimization strategy.


We believe in giving back to the communities where we work. We support the people of the meetings & events industry by creating opportunities to develop talent, access to resources and education with benefit to the broader community. Elevadas is a place for every meeting professional to belong and a place to call home, regardless of current employment. Recent events have highlighted the need for meeting & event professionals to build a career that is less dependent on employers, with more focus on self development and ownership over one's future. We commit to contribute 2% of our revenues to charitable foundations in our communities. Our focus will be on organizations that support environmental causes and social issues that impact our communities. 

Our brand, Elevadas, is a Spanish word (feminine plural) meaning elevated, raised, high. The name is very much aligned with our purpose and values of elevating experiences, outcomes, people and results, with correlation to diversity and a strong connection with our female dominated industry.



Our leadership team brings broad and extensive executive experience. Our founder, Issa Jouaneh, helped create the largest meetings & event provider in the industry at the time. Issa believes in the importance of our work and the impact that event professionals have on their companies, clients and broader community. With the team on board, and the wealth of available talent in the meeting industry today, we believe we have the team, experience and capabilities to deliver exceptional results and make more of an impact as we do that.


Our team of professionals are experienced and passionate about live events and the industry as a whole.  We believe in the power of meetings & events and their ability to transform people, develop business opportunities and make a meaningful economic impact on our society. We also recognize the value of partnership and collaboration in an industry that has fundamental dependencies on venues, travel suppliers and destinations to deliver successful outcomes. 


Our people are subject matter experts in creating exclusive and one of a kind experiences.We share a passion for live events and understand the impact they have on your business and your customers. Our people bring expertise in a number of disciplines including: Risk Management and Compliance,  Diversity and Sustainability , Global and Regional Trade shows, Pharma and HCP , and Global Payment Integration

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Issa Jouaneh
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Our custom approach leverages our strengths and experiences to deliver a range of services including Events, Managed Meetings, Consulting and Technology. The offerings are designed to be flexible, and to adapt to our clients' current and future needs. 



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